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Aşağıdaki şase KOP (kit of parts) ile gelen şasedir. FIRST Robotics Competition takımlarının hızlı bir şekilde yürür aksama kavuşması için pratik, güçlü bir şase tasarımıdır. Ayrıca yükseltme kitleri (şişme tekerlek, mecanum v.b.) ile farklı modellere dönüştürülebilir.

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AM14U4 - 6 Wheel Drop Center Robot Drive Base - FIRST Kit of Parts Chassis
A large format, infinitely configurable platform is designed and built with performance in mind. You are getting a drive chassis that has three main configurations (Long, Square & Wide) just as it's starting options. The drop center wheel allows for smoother turning ability, while maintaining stability.Perfect for prototyping robotic applications as well as being part of the final design!The fourth major upgrade to this chassis with many more minor revisions. Our AM14U family of products have built upon the lessons learned since the first AM14U was designed in 2013.  And it was a major upgrade to the C-base chassis that was part of the FIRST Kit of Parts since 2009.This is the "AM" - "ONE" - "FOR" - "YOU"!This product ships as an un-assembled kit. It features HiGrip Wheels, Toughbox Mini Gearboxes, and a Gates HTD Belts.Assembly is required and Cutting is required for anything smaller than a 32.3 in. x 31 in.  frame.  See the Assembly Videos below.If this chassis is being used for the FIRST Robotics Competition, please consider the robot perimeter rules and size this chassis accordingly.  The manual helps clearly show where to make cuts for different sizes, you can adapt your cuts to fit as needed.NOTE: This chassis DOES NOT include CIM motors or Bumper Hardware.Various Configurations: Built on the same great features of previous AM14U family chassis, this can be configured into many different perimeter, wheel, and gearbox configurations. There are literally thousands of possible playing configurations.Smallest Frame size: 24.3 in. x 27 in. Largest Frame size: 32.3 in. x 31 in. It is shipped as a Kit with plates that can build its large square configuration, without any components reduced in length. This makes it the largest possible size and allows for the user to trim the length and width of the chassis to become a long or wide version that fits into different the size constraints of each specific year. The assembly instructions show how it can be changed, be sure to check out the assembly videos as well. For even more wheel and build configurations, check out our AM14U4 upgrade kits.  Assembly Video Guides: Box Size: 7 in. x 7 in. x 34 in. Components in this Bundle: 2 - Inside Rail(am-3922) 2 - End Rail(am-3920) 2 - Outside Rail(am-3921) 2 - Toughbox Mini, 10.75:1 Ratio, No Shaft Plate (am-2598_107) 4 - Belt, Timing, Gates HTD, 15mm Wide, 160T, 800-5M-15(am-2266) 4 - Belt, Timing, Gates HTD, 15mm Wide, 120T, 600-5M-15(am-2704) 4 - Belt, Timing, Gates HTD, 15mm Wide, 131T, 655-5M-15(am-2571) 2 - Churro, 24.25 in. Long (am-2974) 6 - 6 in. HiGrip Wheel, White(am-0940b) 28 - Screw, Self Tapping, 1/4-20 x 0.75 in.(am-1310) 4 - Nut, Nylock, 3/8-16(am-1054) 4 - Screw, HHCS, 3/8-16 x 4250(am-1297) 2 - Hex Spacer, Plastic, 0.50 in. id, 1.124 in. OD, 0.570 in. long(am-1305) 4 - Spacer, 0.280 in. , 0.382 in. ID 0.518 in. OD, Plastic(am-1306) 4 - Spacer, 0.850 in. , 0.380 in. ID 0.75 in. OD, Plastic(am-1307) 24 - Screw, SHCS, 10-32 x 500(am-1002) 24 - Nut, Nylock, 10-32(am-1042) 12 - Churro, 3.375 in. Long(am-2569) 2 - Hub, 500EX Hex(am-2568) 16 - Pulley, Timing, Half, 42 Tooth, HTD Profile, 15mm Wide(am-2234_half) 48 - Screw, Thread Forming, 10-24 x 1250, Steel Zinc(am-1266) 8 - Bearing, 3/8 in. ID 1614ZZ(am-0209) 2 - Bearing, 1/2 in. Hex Bore, Heavy Duty Inner Race, FR8ZZ-HexHD(am-2986) To control this drive, you will need a power and control system like the Electronic Bundles kit BCRT4CP.  The chassis requires a minimum of two CIM style motors (am-0255), but we recommend four CIMs to be competitive in situations like heavy robots, high traction, and pushing match situations that put a lot of load on the motors. You will also need at least one battery, like the Interstate Batteries (am-3062), and a charger like our 6 Amp charger (am-2555).

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